At Unidatum, our belief is that we can improve life by making and marketing useful products. We use all the technological resources available to speed up the design and manufacturing processes. From CNC prototyping to credit-card enabled online transaction websites, we can get that product out to the end user in record time.

Product News

January 5, 2010

Adds legal services in the areas of manufacturing agreements and software licensing...

Our long-standing legal counsel for internal design patents and supplier agreements is now available to our small business clients for advice and support...

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Unidatum is pleased to have provided products and services for some of America's best. And we continue to look forward to helping to do our part.

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Welcome to our company

Our California-based company celebrates its 10th year by expanding into the New Orleans area and making many of our internal product management systems available to small businesses.

We have assisted small businesses across the United States in bringing a wide array of great products to market. In 2003, our work on the most advanced physical access control system available was rolled out into several United States Army facilities and even the Jacob Javits federal building in New York City. 2004 marked a year for building online ebay store management systems and using these to make consumer products available online in extremely volitile pricing environments. In 2005, our miltary-grade night vision devices and various firearm accessories went to market. And in that same year, we assisted several internet marketing companies in building out their network systems for optimizing online advertising purchasing and search marketing services. Models in everything from optimzation pricing to data delivery were made automated.

Our IT systems have grown from 5 servers to 40 locally as well as the Amazon secure cloud for mass-market productions with backup. Web-based systems are primarily python, php and j2ee. The programmers here are also experts with mobile platforms such as objective-c on Apple iPhone. Our business intelligence services team produces datawarehouses and reporting. We have a full electrical engineering staff for PC board prototyping and embedded systems programming using Motorola, Texas Instruments, and Atmel processors. And our mechanical engineering tools have grown to CNC mills, lathes, and other metal/wood/plastic working machines.